Selling With H.P. Capital

HPC is a family owned & operated real estate acquisition and investment firm with 50 years of experience. We treat our clients like family. The main reason our clients sell us their property is because we offer them certainty and peace of mind that we will close escrow; while they pay NO commissions & make NO repairs. We will buy the property AS IS.

7 Benefits Our Sellers Receive:

The entire process is overseen by our team of experts.

Hassle Free Sales

We offer our clients a hassle free sale.

Peace of Mind

We provide certainty & peace of mind, that we will close the transaction.

No Commissions

Sellers pay no commissions.

No Repairs

No repairs are made to the property.

No Termite Tenting

No termite tenting is done to the property.

No Tenant Relocations

No relocation of current tenants.

Closing Escrow

We can close escrow when the seller is ready. We can close in 15 business days or in 6 months. It’s the seller’s choice

“On-Demand Financing”

We can structure seller financing so the property owner can receive a large cash down payment and still continue to earn monthly cash flow without the headaches of property ownership & tenant management. Our clients investments are secured and insurance is in place. Call our office to schedule a FREE consultation. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by simply meeting with us. No pressure. No Gimmicks.

Our Selling Ideology

Please watch the video and contact us with more questions at

We are NOT brokers looking for listings. We are the buyers & we understands that each property is unique & every client’s situation is different. We are discrete & offer our clients peace of mind via a hassle free sale. Our team will take care of all the details. You have nothing to lose & everything to gain by simply calling us. No pressure. No gimmicks.